Choose a private SpeedBoat Cruise and you will not regret it. You will get to see different beaches, views, shapes and colours of rock formations, You will be able to swim at Hot Springs, snorkel along the cliffs of the Caldera and enjoy a great Sunset view on board !

Your cruise leads you first to the Caves of Kamara rocks where you will stop for great pictures in this fascinating background and you’ll have the opportunity to swim and snorkel off to the white beach which is reachable only by boat, so enjoy the sight and capture it!

Our Passion is your Happiness !!!!


😀 Important Notice

All Tours are organized either in the morning or late in the afternoon, by appointment only, and at least 12 hours in advance.




In the event of it being unsafe to carry out an activity, we reserves the right to suspend or cancel at any time. This may be due to adverse weather conditions and/or equipment failure. In such cases any advanced payment will be fully refunded.



In the event of a cancellation any advanced payment will be held



You must contact us in order to arrange the cruise.

Click on Here to view our contact information and our exact location on the map.

– Beach Towel
– Sancream
– Swimwear
– Sunglasses

You will be able to swim at the Hot Springs, the Famous mud baths, witch were formed as result of volcanic eruptions.
The water temperature ranges from 30 to 35 degrees celsius, as it mixes continuously with the normal sea currents.

Click on Here to view our contact information and our exact location on the map.

● Fuel
● Taxes an insurance
● Experienced driver
● Info Meeting
● Life Jackets and wetsuits
● Online cameras and safe place with key storage
● Refreshments
● Parking for your car
● Shower
● Changing cabins
● Professional Eye Goggles
● Waterproof bags for your phone + personal stuff
● Latest Go Pro Waterproof cameras

● USB with all your photos + videos during the safari trip for FREE!
● Pro Full Face Snorkeling Masks